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Thursday 1st February 2024

5pm BST (12PM EST)

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Having a clear VISION for your business is the difference between programming a sat nav to take you from somewhere in Scotland to somewhere in England compared to programming a sat nav to take from an address in say Edinburgh in Scotland to an address in London in England (house number, street name and full postcode!)

It can be a game changer for when you come across roadblocks, traffic jams, road works and all of the other obstacles that can come up when starting and running a small business. ​

In this masterclass we are going to work on your business vision and also tools you can use to keep you on track when it feels like everything is falling apart (we ALL have days and weeks like that especially as you're growing your business)! 

  • FREE! Clear vision on where you want to take your business (GOALS)

  • FREE! Easy to use and implement frameworks that you can start using in your business straight away

  • FREE! Be part of a community and share and celebrate your wins with other entrepreneurs on the same journey with you AS WELL as receiving support when you're overcoming challenges



  • That internal voice screaming at you that you are meant for more in your business but where do you start

  • Low confidence, overwhelmed, never enough time to focus ON your business growth

  • Frustrated - You've hit a glass ceiling in your business growth and nothing you're doing is changing that

After The Challenge....

  • Complete clarity on what your MORE in your business is

  • No more analysis paralysis, you're an inspired action taker and you've got a clear plan on where to start making changes

  • Walk away with the confidence to overcome your growth challenges and achieve your goals

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee your results...WHY? Because you have to take consistent action to make any business work and it's hard work.

If you want to take your business to success you will need to keep taking action past the webinar but this will give you the tools to kick start your business as long as you turn up, participate, play full out and make a promise to yourself that you'll take action from day 1.


NOW is the best time ever to start turning your business dreams into reality so that you can start living the life you've always wanted!

You don't want to miss this!

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